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Gasperini: against Everton, hoping to see Rooney played

  • Led Atlanta through a perfect season, Gasperini ready to Rocket League Items lead the team in the European Cup to seek a breakthrough. During the pre-match conference, he looked forward to the UEFA Cup game with Everton.

    "This group is very strong, with Everton, Lyon and Apollo Limasser, but we are ready.We will be confident that we will meet the European Union, we may not be hot, But we have been talking about the performance of the field.We must focus on the game itself. Rooney? I am not sure whether he will play, I hope he can play, because the face of such a player is our honor and I am proud to lead the ball Team to participate in the European Cup, I think we can get better results.

    "Every year is a new start, but we will inherit the fine tradition of last season, tomorrow's game is not decisive, the group stage in each game is very important, in the face of different opponents we need different countermeasures."